everyone who spends some time trying to keep an eye on the out-of-control 'government' cult/power structure probably got the usual lump in their throat when they heard about the Boston Marathon bombing.  another pointless bombing at a high-publicity, as-American-as-apple-pie event, killing about 1/100 as many people that die in this 'country' on the average day, with a swift 'JUSTICE WILL BE DELIVARED" response by the Emperor in Chief Commander in Chief?

well, we have some interesting pics over at "Infowars" (NOT my favorite site, by any means, but good content is good content):


having taken a decent preliminary look - it looks like we have the actual culprits.  and boy, do they look like 'government' agents.

as usual, the 'government' kicking the shins of the local mom & pop shops to make them pay up for 'protection'.  looks like they're really getting desperate to scare us back into their arms...