"Illuminati" is just a term i'm using for convenience - at this point, I don't think they refer to themselves internally with anything but symbols and vague "us" or "we" references. [edit: to be 100% clear, I'm just using the world "illuminati" to refer to whatever group is in charge of U.S. Empire, industry, etc. - not the whole "Adam Weishaupt" mythology].

I'm skipping the time-wasting argument about whether or not this world-dominating group is real, because obviously somebody has been using "Christianity", "Judaism" and "Islam" to fuck with us for a few millennia. It's obvious that this mass deception has been malevolent since day one, due to the air of authenticity given to the falsehoods in the religions - which establishes that a group of insiders have exercized control over those religions throughout their history. Since the religions share common Abrahamic theological roots, it's trivial to conclude further that the same group has orchestrated control over all of these religions, and has branched out the religions in order to promote division, dischord, and violent conflict among their followers.

How should the average person imagine this group of insiders?

[edit: Removed pointlessly offensive language. Pretty juvenile passage, guess I was just trying to make my point as dramatically as possible.]

The "Illuminati" are completely fucked, so fucked they actually enjoy making the entire public miserable. They epitomize greed, misanthropy, selfishness, and contempt for mankind - they are miserly, unmanly, pathetic little bitches who can't even find enjoyment in life without the sick and perverted glee that they get from tricking hundreds of millions of people into killing themselves and each other, and generally being completely miserable. They are everything bad you can say about people who've lost their connection to the truths of nature - they have imprisoned themselves inside a world of horrifying, alienated, perverted humor.

And here's the really important part. They had to combine the normal pleasures in their lives, with the knowledge of their horrific guilt regarding 9/11, the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, etc., in a botched attempt to retain their sanity - meaning they their only remaining coping mechanism was to twist themselves so that crimes against humanity were mentally internalized as something conducive to sexual enjoyment. This psychosis was self-imbued by them, onto themselves, in order to provide an illusion of the harmony they had robbed themselves of.

That's what we're dealing with. Police and military personnel, if they've figured out the evil of their organizations and kept participating, like to imagine that they're being led by some kind of warrior god, or something. In reality, the people giving them orders are sad, tiny-dick, sniveling little bitches born with silver spoons up their asses. And you can quote me on that. [edit: Actually, please don't.] Again, imagistic descriptions. we are talking about people whose extreme privilege, and distance from hard labor and poverty, has been growing for thousands of years. They are like "Gollum" from "Lord of the Rings", or like "Ebenezer Scrooge". Their entire lives are comprised of executing a series of cheap tricks they've learned to keep the population of the world moving in a suicidal spiral, while they learned to promote their own interests, so to speak, at the center of that spiral.

Among the exploits of the "Illuminati" are:

  • Playing both sides of military conflicts - i.e., using the Battle of Waterloo to engineer a financial coup d'etat of the British stock market; investing in both sides of the war.

  • Turning the anti-Roman anarchist movement of Christianity into the sad and pathetic Roman religion it is today (particularly, Roman Catholicism) via agents Theodosius, Constantine, possibly Marcion and Saul of Tarsus, etc.. This was achieved by introducing insane theologies into the Christian tradition, creating internal conflict and, in turn, an anti-heretical movement, and then dominating the anti-heretical movement, throwing the followers of the original (peaceful) religion under the bus by declaring them to be heretics, and then converting the religion into the war-mongering nightmare it had become by the 5th century, while introducing more false theologies and religious myths (such as resurrection of the dead!) in order to obscure the roots of the religion.

  • Seizing control of the world's means of production by engineering fiat monetary control systems (unlimited expansion of control)

  • Engineering the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the Napoleonic wars, World Wars, and countless others. Military expenses have historically created a huge wake of corruption, including government "money borrowing" activity, arms sales, increased militarization (and thus "security" for the moneyed classes of society), and other hugely successful ways to pilfer money from populations of people. In the frantic rush of people scrambling to protect themselves from an invented "threat", government accounting transparency and integrity - whatever existed to begin with, at least - basically vanishes.

  • Engineering the "Crusades" (interesting fact - many of the priests, who had encouraged men to participate in the Crusades, literally seized those men's land in their absence, and refused to give it up when they returned). This is very interesting as a historical note - many people do not realize just how severe and maniacal the evils present in medieval and classical society were.

  • Inventing and/or manipulating "Islam", apparently to prevent a resurgence of original anarchist Christianity (like Ebionitism) in the Middle East/North Africa (a parallel to their original false religion, Judaism) (please see footnote *)

  • Apparently inventing "Judaism", presumably in order to trick the local population into supporting them while they did no labor. Remember that part of "Genesis" (as if that was how the Earth began!) about which animals they preferred to have sacrificed to their god? The part where one brother kills the other because his offering of plants wasn't good enough? The priests were the ones who ate those offerings after their followers had left. Sounds like they really wanted to eat some meat. You forsake some beings, and it can be a real slippery slope...before you know it, you're laying down lies about the origin of the earth and the nature of the universe that are going to last for thousands of years.

  • Engineering political theatre in the seats of their host empires (depending on the era, this has been Rome, London, Washington D.C., and others), including false spectacles of political elections, engineered PR events (the New Deal), and other pathetic, really disgusting distractions for the public to consume, in lieu of justice. This has turned into the disgusting, one-up-manship contest we see today, with the disgusting spectacle of cult-of-personality campaign advertisement being shoved down the throats of millions of people. Anthony Weiner's embarassing sexting scandal, Republican anti-gay senators who sleep with men...do I need to say anything more? The "Illuminati" can barely keep the weird fucks in their employ under control - although a crisis rarely goes to waste for them, since they use the public shaming of politicians who are caught in such behavior in an attempt to normalize and legitimize the rest of the psychopaths in the political sector.

  • Apparently using Israel Mossad agents at "Urban Moving" and George Bush's cousin Marvin Bush's WTC-affiliated security company to engineer the WTC disaster. Very literally, this event was a sacrifice of 3,000 people in an attempt to achieve world domination, which is the conclusion of all legitimate paths of research into the event. The cartoonish ridiculousness of the idea of Mossad agents engineering this attack is not lost on me, but regardless, it is clearly what transpired, as evidenced by highly irregular news reports, not to mention police reports - describing the presence of explosives in their vehicle - and a later interview of the suspects on Israeli television. This is one of several red flags remaining that demonstrate that the attacks were orchestrated independently of any Islamist radicals.

  • Mass poisoning with toxic compounds (barium, aluminum, sodium hexafluoride, benzenes/benzoates, creosols, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.), both directly - in so-called "chemtrails" (yes, those huge chemical release clouds behind planes, which are absolutely NOT water vapor from jets), water poisoning, food poisoning through companies in which they own massive shares through their holding companies (Kellog, PepsiCo, Nabisco, Nestle, etc.), through chemical weapons administered during warfare (long list - sarin, mustard, CS gasses, depleted uranium shells, etc.), through oil/coal/gas/hydrofracking pollution (again, by proxy, through their holding companies, which own companies such as Exxon, Shell, BP, Halliburton, etc.).

  • The invention of nuclear weapons (what kind of sick fuck.)

  • Generally sucking the enjoyment out of everyone's lives by side-effect

  • Engineering a popularly held conception of mankind as materialistic, pleasure-driven psychopaths, which in turn has created a culture of extreme greed and exploitation, leading to sky-high poverty, crime rates, sexual assault, war crimes, police state-style oppression, and other god-awful miseries. At a more severe level, engineering a popularly held conception of mankind as a pre-afterlife stage of beings, held to rigorous and insane moral standards - thus robbing people of the ability to enjoy their lives.

  • Engineering countless other wars, religious conflicts, mass thefts, and crimes against humanity

What kind of person is still enjoying any part of their life after committing crimes like these? It seems that they've sucked themselves so deep into their own insanity that the only people interested in joining them are people who think there's no other option.

Framing the problem like that helps you see this problem as what it really is - their massive egos are so sick and insane that some people read genius into their perverted insanity, and hence, get absorbed into their cult. It is literally the case, that our entire society has gotten caught in a massive "ego distortion field", so to speak - and that the horrible, weird shit that they're into is bleeding out into our news media and popular culture.

And THAT, basically, is why people love anarchism. It amounts to a rejection of all of the forms of control that have been exercised over us, including all of those I mentioned. Throw out any conspiracy theory or wild speculation, and still the sickness of politicians is on full display on the news on a weekly basis.

"Say that to me again, you fucking pervert!"


* (note added on May 11): I have spent a few years investigating Islamic theology, and have found a really puzzling mix of great truths about modern civilization, as well as in-group religious nationalism and some draconian proscribed punishments. I'm still consulting varying translations of the Koran in an attempt to understand Islam - my best understanding so far is that of a semi-Abrahamic religion which disavows its Jewish roots, and, insofar as Christianity has deviated from its roots, its Christian roots. The Jewish/Islamic conflict that characterizes the modern Middle East, logically, seems to only be able to stem from a failure to recognize mutual humanity through common teachings.

On that line of thought, the Koran repeatedly describes the Jewish people losing sight of the truths in Moses's law, and the Christians losing sight of the truths in Jesus's law, which is predicted to be resolved in the Muslim eschatological "Yawm al-Qiyāmah" (apocalypse). At best, I can only say that egregious flaws exist in Islam, or at least, its modern form, which, by standard financial network analysis, appears to be have been deliberately tainted by Western ("Illuminati") influence. It is unclear to me, to what extent Islam was originally designed as a cult, versus to what extent it has evolved to that point, but it's clear that manipulation of it has occurred in order to sustain centuries of violent conflict.

In contrast:


A lot of people - understandably - really hate religious texts preaching about "judgment Day" and "apocalypse". This is fine, because people have been scamming each other with false apocalypse claims for most of recorded history.

Nevertheless, I think it's really interesting how this article talks about how drug addiction, money lending, sexual identity issues, murder, etc., flourish in a society in which evil people have seized control, which is really applicable to American society.

Further, I think it's really interesting that these "prophecies" seem to apply amazing well to how worldwide culture is changing as a result of the Internet waking people up to the damage being caused by thoughtless behavior, and the countless crimes of people in power which do so much to cause it.

I'm also very fond of Islam's prohibition of usury ("Riba")! Something is very weird about the idea that you should profit from temporarily lending money or resources - that you deserve interest because you could hypothetically put them to use. This is just like saying that having money amounts to deserving more money - what else are they paying you interest for? This practice pervades American society, and yet Islam - correctly - describes it as a sin. "mix of truths and half truths".

What if Islam is just Judaism Lite, made to be more palatable for people with more developed cultures - who had become aware of the evils at the center of Judaism and the then-modified Christianity, and thus, needed to be fed an opposition theology? In attempting to understand the character of Mohammed, we are thrown several confusing, conflicting hints - a strong, religiously-themed resistance narrative against the growing threat of Jewish and faux-Christian societies - which, paradoxically, is imbued with not only the group-think, nationalistic, xenophobic, and violent tendencies imbued also into Judaism and the contemporary, heavily modified version of Christianity - but also with the creation myth of Judaism itself - the stories of Adam, Eve, and Abraham, among others. At the same time that Mohammed spoke against the evils of Abrahamic religions, he invented a new one, and thus cemented its non-factual myths - which he had no basis to validate - into the consciousness of his followers.

What could motivate somebody to do that?

Now, if the legacy of Muhammed was manipulated after his death, as with the case of Jesus, and potentially, Moses, Ezekiel, and god, who knows, Joseph Smith or whoever - then it's a different story. What's certain is that the lines he drew eventually turned into lines of division.