'Organic foods, natural oils 
They're messin' with your mind 
Keeping us in denial 
Making us accept genetically modified products 
As being normal. We need to call 
This new breed of trash polluting our stores 
Genetically modified 

Some time in tha future 
When this cut’ll be real 
When U can’t conceal 
A reaction to tha realization 
You’ve been subject to manipulation 
Attributed to dilapidation 
Political corruption, legal interruption 
‘nd fail to examine all options 
Who U buyin’ from 
Giving your money 
Where’s your food from 
Why it taste funny 
Genetically engineered fruits 
Kinetically revered 
Edible mutants aren’t feared 
Ingested, digested 
No immediate effects 
No noticeable rejects 
Yet - unnatural, it’s factual 
But actual results are unknown 
Of what we seek to bring home 
Which I presently condone. 

Genetic Hazards (x4) 

Perish disgust, 
View nature’s imperfections as just 
Stabilizing - so unnecessary is lust 
For greed to breed 
Plants ‘nd animals 
Scale’s phenomenal, science irrational. 
My clone’s suicidal, bridal 
Is yours in denial ? less viral 
Mo’ productive ‘nd always so destructive 
On situation’s previously conquered 
On relations previously honored 
Break-through’s twisted 
When billion dollars visited 
Trial-lawyers quizzed wit’ 
Unsubstantiated claims 
300 million to gain 
Filled witness stands wit’ brains. 
'Cloning will homogenise us, turn us into robots' 

Genetic Hazards (x4) 

Illusion of no reaction 
Brings much attraction 
But when male dairy workers grow breasts 
Progress must arrest 
Hormone injected cows’ exposure 
Dangers found no closure. 
Distorting the balance mass producing 
Trace chemicals as cures 
Lab screening obscures 
Successful mice testing 
Human systems rejecting 
Drug recall 
Off tha shelves y’all 
If you’re still alive dial 
If U still have fingers press 1 
To order prosthetic limbs stay on tha line 
All other callers please give our 
Apologies to tha Divine. 

'When you buy food, check the labels - find out what 
you are outting into your bodies. Don't buy genetically modified food.' 

'This is dedicated to fools blowing up KFC, MacDonalds, 
Jack in the Crizzle, Burger King eating up those genetic hazards.'