Mitt Romney: Obama ‘superb’ in Boston

Mitt Romney on Thursday said his former presidential rival gave a “superb” speech at a memorial service honoring the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

“I must admit I was also very impressed with the words of the mayor, Mayor Menino, with our governor, Gov. Deval Patrick, and with the president,” Romney said, speaking on CNN’s “The Situation Room” several hours after the interfaith memorial service at which those leaders spoke. “I thought the president gave a superb address to the people of this city and the state and the nation. It was inspiring day.”

every time i think these people couldn't stoop any lower, they do.

as of 2007, 6640 people die every day in the United States.  i stopped keeping track of how many people died in the clearly government-orchestrated Boston Marathon bombings pretty quickly, but i'm pretty sure it didn't exceed twenty.  

the vast majority of people are dying from preventable diseases related to pollution, their diets, and lazy, gluttonous lifestyles - cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc.. - and yet these plagues on our society are only given passing mention by politicians.  Obama leaves the food concerns to his wife, Michelle - i won't call that sexist, per se, as it's more of a PR thing.   she's supposed to be the caring mother figure, while her husband is supposed to be the Brave, Strong, Commander-in-Chief, who is too busy focusing on protecting America from the U.S.S.R. terrorists to think about heart disease and cancer.

so these deaths are blown MASSIVELY out of proportion.  the media reports over and over on these miniscule attacks - about 20 people dead a month, for the last few months (Newtown, Dorner, Oslo, etc.)- and yet barely mentions the 200,000 other people dying every month from preventable diseases and our earth-destroying culture.

and where are Obama, Romney, Deval Patrick, Chris McChristie, and other career manipulators/opportunists politicians  directing their attention?

the same place. violent attacks.  

what is the reason for this?  i offer a simple theory, that's been repeatedly endlessly in the past, although maybe not quite in these words.  the entire reason is to keep everyone afraid.  they want to keep us terrified of each other, so that we don't even think twice about paying them a third of our ~190 million collective paychecks, so that they will keep us safe from each other.  nevermind that the evidence for each of these events clearly shows that they're the perpetrators - as long as people don't investigate them (which now, thankfully, they are), the ripoff keeps working.

the careers of politicians feed on death.  in a society brainwashed into supporting politicians, a politician is the most successful when he/she is able to exploit tragedy to make himself/herself appear like a empathetic and strong human being.  

beneath the smiling photos, the baby-kissing, the campaign promises, the glitter, the confetti, the red, white and blue banners, and the podiums, politicians are only ghouls, whose souls have been shredded so horribly by tragedy that they take the roles of the creator of tragedy - because they think being a lying, war-mongering, death-dealing sellout is the best deal they will get in their lives.

what does Romney have to say about Obama's exploitation of this new suffering that the media is shoving down our throats?

it's "superb".  an "inspiring day".  not sure what's so inspiring about it, but Santa Claus - oh, i mean, excuse me - Mitt Romney - sure seems to get it.

i guess all that petty election business is behind them now.  they can both concentrate on their shared goal - exploiting human death and fear for personal gain.