the money economy has to die before it kills us.  forget what you do for money.  think about what you should do.

be the kind of person you want to be.  fuck the constraints on your life.   you're not really free if somebody else is calling the shots.

community and money are not compatible.  when money runs out in a money economy, community dies.  

"sorry, i can't give you groceries if you can't pay.  i'm trying to run a business."

money relations distract us from our common bonds and make us tear at each other's throats - turning us into 'boss' and 'employee', 'orderer' and 'doer' - and stops us from focusing on our common goals and needs.

the story of the 'invader' and the 'invaded' societies, no matter where it takes place, almost always has one thing in common - the invaders are the primitive ones. they don't fix their society, and make use of their land - they just try to get somebody else's.  

that's why selfishness pervades our society - we literally killed or marginalized all the non-selfish people.   

building things together is what defines a community.  our society is destroying itself because, to do anything, we attach the condition that we have to get paid.    the money is often there when we're called upon to do something evil, but often not there when we're called upon to do something good.   it would be better for us to simply do the good things, forget the bad things, and forget the system of money that would have us do otherwise.