the FBI "released" (got from a local camera and then put on their website)  photos of two "suspects" (according to them) for the Boston bombing.  

they claim that video exists showing one of these suspects putting down a backpack, but fascinatingly, haven't released that video.  internet experts claim this is an attempt not to bias future juries against the accused, which is 100% consistent with how the FBI released photographs of them (sarcasm alert).


meanwhile, sources all over the internet pinned the attacks on these suspects:

who are actually in publicly-available photographs in possession of what strongly resembles the backpacks containing the bombs.

surprisingly, the government seems uninterested in investigating these strong leads, which implicate government-affiliated agents in the attack.

interestingly, the founder of the company these people have been associated with, "Craft International", was murdered two and a half months ago:


an "Infowars" article posted a few days ago contains photos of additional suspects:


thankfully, orchestrating these false-flag events grows more impossible with each passing year, as cellphone cameras end up in everyone's hands.