this story is all over the internet news sphere right now:

Obama signs 'Monsanto Protection Act' written by Monsanto-sponsored senator (http://rt.com/usa/monsanto-bill-blunt-agriculture-006/)

it's easy for people to get lost in the panic generated when a sitting "President" signs a new tyrannical bill into law.  really easy.  and in the context of our current society, it is pretty disturbing that Monsanto would be able to sell their apocalypse-inducing Frankenstein products even after they were made "illegal".  

but, before everyone panics over the endless attempts by the psychopaths at Monsanto to eradicate food on this planet, we should talk about a more fundamental question.   to "sign a bill into law" - what does this really mean?

it is the act of writing a name on a piece of paper.  the only relevance it poses to society comes directly from the fact that people recognize that piece of paper as a binding order that they must live their lives by, simply because the "President" has signed it.

 but the "President" is not every one of us.  how is it that he is able to control our lives?

a signed contract is, itself, nothing more than a name written on an agreement - it only gains binding power because the government's "law" enforces the idea that it does.   but we have not even granted the "President" our power of attorney - the power to legally represent us.     in fact, it's never even claimed that we directly did so - it's only claimed that, over two centuries ago, delegates from different regions in the U.S., who claimed to represent us, transferred that power to the government, and that the periodic votes the government holds gives them all the power they claim over us.  

the 'vote' is the most powerful deceit - the first item in a long chain of lies and misrepresentations that transforms (a) the public's attempts to regain control over the society that politicians have destroyed, into (b), the politicians' excuses for continuing to destroy society.  the system that the politicians run keeps functioning because people fail to recognize its fundamental insanity, and continue to try to find the right people to control the society, when in reality, the only solution is to have everyone controlling themselves.   and sadly, they are cunning enough liars that people watch them argue about 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' and who's the 'Best American', and think that they're talking about anything even close to the biggest problems society is facing.  

they may sit there are bemoan that political discourse has dropped so low, and that politicians have to argue about such stupid issues because the Other Party is so stuck on them - be it gay marriage, or "ObamaCare", or "single payer healthcare" - but then they will go and participate in the political process anyway, guaranteeing the perpetuation of the entire system of control and abuse.

it's only within the context of the government's system of "law" that the President is given this dictatorial authority to have final approval on what draconian laws will be imposed onto the population, and that Congress is given the authority to propose them.   it's only in that system that these laws have power to begin with - that "power of attorney", "legislative power", and "jurisdiction" take their shapes at all.  government only functions because people - particularly, the police and other armed agents of the state - relinquish control over their lives to their rulers.    

and the worst part about it is, even if you realize this deceit, you may still end up becoming another casualty of somebody who hasn't.

notice that there is absolutely no element of democracy in approving which laws are binding at the federal level (and not in many states, for that matter).  although we 'vote' on the candidates the media promoted to us, as soon as those candidates are in office, they have absolutely free reign to do whatever they want, "Constitution" or not.  anyone who believes the "Constitution" has any real power to restrain this kind of tyranny should remember that the people in charge of binding the government to the "Constitution" - the "Supreme Court" - are simply nominated to their positions by sitting Presidents, and then confirmed by the Congress that passes these tyrannical laws - the same person and group that committed us to dozens of wars in the last century alone.  

as many people know, one of them sitting on the bench presently - Clarence Thomas - is a former lawyer for Monsanto himself!  all of these people have shaken hands and agreed to serve our rulers - democratic checks and balances do not really exist in this system.

the powers of the "President", as granted by the "Constitution", are just proposals, or suggestions - it's a sort of social myth that, since these rules have been written down, we must follow them.    it is only when people start acting in the name of those rules that the abuses of power committed by the "government" become a threat.

as Larken Rose - and before him, Lysander Spooner, in the "Constitution of No Authority" - geniusly pointed out:

a "Constitution" is, in effect, nothing but a self-granted license for the government to rob the population and order them around.  the Constitution grants the government the "powers" to tax, to imprison, to harass the population in countless other ways - but where did the authors of the "Constitution" get those powers, or more importantly, those rights?

they never did.  nobody has a right to order around an entire population, to harass an entire population, to rob an entire population, to imprison people, or to do anything else that violates the rights of others.    the powers to do those things are something we have just because of what we're capable of.  we're capable of becoming police officers and brutalizing poor people, just like we're capable of abusing a dog.  

this is the fundamental deceit behind all evil legal systems.  there is no such thing as "the law" beyond a group of words and beliefs.  what all of these systems really come down to is a question of who is the most intimidating - the power of Obama, or Bush, or Xi Jinping, or whoever, only really comes down to how many people they can trick or intimidate into doing their bidding‚Äč, and how many people they can trick or intimidate into obeying their orders.    

understanding these facts is the first step towards understanding the severe psychopathy that "political leaders" suffer from, and the immediate importance of living our lives outside of this system.