compare and contrast two opposed world views, and their associated real-world phenomena:

a) "we are a product of nature and have to conform to its demands"

associated phenomena: anarchoprimitivism, environmentalism, vegetarianism and veganism, minimalist agriculture, permaculture, foraging, nutrition, sustainability, organics, food forests, green construction, etc.

b) "we are mankind, and nature will conform to our demands"

associated phenomena: clear-cutting, urbanization of the planet, unnatural forest fires, mass extinctions, species population distortion, slaughterhouses, animal dehabitation, pollution, oil spills, genetically modified crops, deforestation, soil desertification/demineralization, aquifer depletion, etc.

which idea is more realistic?  what are the positives and negatives of the two ideas?

extra credit questions: which world view is more common in Judeo-Christian cultures?  is there a foundation for that world view in historical texts universal to those cultures?  have beliefs that stemmed from those cultures been exported to other cultures?