Plenty has happened in the last month - Turkey and Brazil have both gone into full-scale revolt mode, while the NSA has been publicly exposed for surveilling "meta-data" of the entire world, including all manner of phone calls, emails, and other communications. Past reports indicate this surveillance actually extends to all communications, plain and simple - source and destination information as well as content.


The NSA and other "officials" have naturally tried to depict themselves as white knights trying to promote world justice, reluctantly violating the privacy of billions of people in order to stop the non-existent risk of terrorism. These nonsensical arguments are typical - "government" scam artists predictably, and childishly, resort to fear tactics to justify all possible forms of wrongdoing that they plan to engage in, or that they have engaged in previously.

There is no indication whatsoever that the program has helped the public. The government, very publicly, parades all examples of "caught terrorists" around in order to justify their police state measures - recent examples include the "Christmas Tree Bomber" and the "Oakland Bridge Bombers". They make an incredulous claim, saying that they would not have announced the prevention of any significant attack to the public, simply concealing the confidential surveillance measures that were used to break the case. It is absolutely non-sensical. The entire federal government wishes to gain a free pass from logic, so that the population will continue to accept its current existence.

Obviously a change is needed. Democrats, Republicans, Greens, and statist libertarians - along with all other people who have accepted the idea that a society should be threatened/mandated to pay a particular group - will call for some combination of increased scrutiny, abolition of tyrannical programs, and other attempts to scale back what has been revealed as a naked, rampant abuse of authority. Surely this is because many of them continue to accept the idea that government spending, since much of it is spent on things which we have become dependent on, must therefore be a necessity to provide these things (roughly, a logical fallacy known as "affirming the consequent").

So, what can we learn about those ideas from the "unrest" (open revolution) in Turkey and Brazil?

Turkey and Brazil

Meanwhile, the people of Turkey and Brazil have taken to the streets and rejected government omnipotence. A huge anarchist/stateless-socialist strand has emerged in these protests, which builds on the profound sense of injustice the members of those societies have developed as a result of their now-public knowledge of the abuse of power by their governments. Both protests were initially sparked by relatively meaningless abuses of power - the planned demolition of a park, and a rise in bus fairs - but blew up in a cyclical chain reaction of public resentment and government violence. Both abuses of power were the straws that broke the camels" backs.

A society is bound to reject a control system when its central mechanism becomes apparent to the public. Public awareness of systemic injustice is simply bound to collapse the system - in so many words, that which will not bend is bound to break, and greed does not bend. Turkey and Brazil's protests clearly demonstrate this trend - the will of the public, and the will of those that would malevolently rule it, are totally incompatible, and can only possibly coexist if the public ignores the malevolence because of entrenched, ideological acceptance - that is, if the public has been gradually led to believe that all the evils of the rulers are normal and necessary.

However, at the same time, we have the cautionary tale of Egypt as a huge warning to the world about the possible outcomes of this protest. In rejecting Mubarak, Egypt somehow wound up with a new dictator. It's of the utmost importance to understand that the new ruling political party, just like the old ruling political party, has its roots in the same power system as the U.S. Government.



Hassan Al-Banna was the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, the new political rulers of Egypt, and as the second of those two articles points out, a graduate of the Society of Propaganda and Guidance - a British colonial institution designed to craft ideologies to subdue opposition to imperialism.

After the years of direct proxy-rule imperialism (roughly similar to British rule of India, Britain recognized itself as sovereign over Egypt until 1922) - it was found that open imperialism was too prone to revolt to be managable for those trying to impose it, and dozens of organizations were created and promoted in order to craft ideological systems which would allow imperialism to continue in the various puppet states of European imperialism. The systems created to accomplish this would operate under military guidance publicly managed by locals of the nations in question, but realistically managed by the highest bidder - the owners of multinational capital, a surprisingly consolidated and tightly collusive (conspiratorial) group, that I've written about before in some significant depth. For those who understand the significance of it, it also bears mentioning that Al-Banna was also reportedly a Freemason, much like countless others who sought to subvert, neutralize, and profit from revolutions of the past.

The Society of Propaganda and Guidance was one of these groups. Future politicians and media figures were trained to promote an corrupt Western conception of "property" and "law", in a section of the world that really had enough experience with it to know better, and to enforce that system through the force of government. The Muslim Brotherhood emerged soon after, under Al-Banna's guidance, as a political party and religious organization, and, as the "Spiked Online" article also points out, it was also used to indoctrinate troops of Anwar Al-Sadat, the infamous U.S.-backed dictator.

Moving back to the present - this previously minority party was installed into power after Mubarak's former military - most of whom defected to the side of the protesters, but still respected their chain of command - held elections to find a new dictator to replace Mubarak. The free culture of Tahrir Square was put under direct threat by the false opposition that had been managed in order to pacify threats to Mubarak's rule. It was literally the same situation as Obama's presidency - an obvious dictator was taken out of power, and replaced with an obvious dictator with a new set of lies. Thus, the real powers meddling in the situation were revealed through the renewed imposition of "social order" - whereas Tahrir Square itself, and by extension, the revolutionary movement, had begun to operate as a gift economy, Mohammed Morsi and Mohammed El-Baradei (the headline candidates of the election, Morsi being the victor) wished to reimpose the old system of corporate capitalism, that had endeared Mubarak so greatly to the entrenched, controlling financial interests of corporate capitalism - the multinational banking cartel that, over the years, has managed to buy up the majority of world corporations, in terms of market share. The intention of subverting these revolutions is thus obvious - the point is to establish economic control, both over resources and over labor.

The collapse of "America"

A nearly identical situation exists in the United States, although it is in its infancy. A naked abuse of power has been uncovered - the government and news media are careening to shoot the messenger, Edward Snowden, and have him extradited from whichever country to which he's currently escaped, as they follow him around the world in a pointless wild goose chase. They attack his education, his former girlfriend, his online forum posts, and his personality, but refuse to mention the extreme and dehumanizing police state surveillance system that Snowden bravely uncovered, and simply repeat discredited lies about its uses in "criminal justice". No mention is made of how the uncovered PRISM program nakedly violates the fundamental rights the government is instructed to never violate, in its very own charter for existence, the "Constitution". All the people complicit in promoting this tyranny through the media, who have not yet abandoned it (as much of the media has already done), simply line themselves up and repeat their Orwellian excuses for the evils they wish to justify.

Meanwhile, the obvious abuse of power is apparent even to toddlers, who understand the simple creepiness inherent in somebody who wishes to listen in on all conversations. The abuse of power is too much for the population to excuse as acceptable - a fault line has rapidly developed between the population and its would-be rulers, while the henchmen of the rulers rapidly lose interest in supporting them, as the selfishness and sickness of their motives becomes apparent, and thus the enforcers defect to the side of the population, as though they were iron shavings being drawn to a magnet. This is bound to happen whenever an open revelation of tyranny occurs in a society founded on rejecting those principles, with thriving public debate. Even attempts to control the debate via control of information are ineffective at surpressing this trend, when the absurdity of the system has reached such extremes.

Thus, the entire ideological system of "government" itself has literally broken - the ideas behind it, and the results it produces, are simply too absurd to accept. The institutions operating as "governments" are malfunctioning in every possible way, and it's become horrifyingly apparent that this is because of tyranny.

But the cracks run even deeper. It is clear at this point that our entire social system has literally just been designed as a selfish way for sellouts to "live it up", while everyone else suffers and works for their benefit. We have been denied our fundamental needs - justice, safe food, housing, medicine, safe drinking water, safe air, and even our need for authentic culture - and asked to excuse those who take the lion's share of society's profit and deny it to the rest of us. It is obvious that the fundamental ideas of this system are contradictory and produce unjust results when followed.

There is simply no sane recourse to take except the complete abolition of "government" and this system which I reluctantly call "capitalism" - not to be confused with a free economy - which privatizes control of the entire world into a few hands, under the excuse that they will safeguard it, while they pollute it and destroy it - and the confusion of "greed" must necessarily die along with it. Stateless socialism, as envisioned by the great anarchists of the past, is the necessary remedy and replacement system - people simply must act with full knowledge, care, and responsibility for their actions, and reject the ideology of tyranny, whether they have been positioned in reality as the tyrants or as the tyrannized.

This is the direction of all true revolutionary movements, and there is no other possible conclusion to these events, which have risen to a boiling point. That is even taking into account the hideous persistence of the insanity of tyranny, which so often in the past has been effective enough to demoralize revolutionary movements and draw material and military support against them.

Those who have been tricked into supporting tyranny simply need to understand their own suffering under it in order to know why it must be rejected - and all people involved suffer, even the tyrants themselves. Living life in a state of perpetual conflict, whether you emerge the "winner" or the "loser", is simply not conducive to sanity, mental stability, or happiness. Only a return of control of society to the people will lift the blight over the world that has existed for so long - the mechanisms that exist to sustain greed rely immediately on sabotage and murder, and cannot coexist with a rational society.