Take all the knowledge you have of how horrible our society has become. Remove yourself from all the social customs you know, and look solely at how people behave. What's there for you to see?

A whole society, worked up into a frenzy, constantly trying to move from point A to B, achieving goals that they neither dreamed up nor benefit from.

So who did dream up this society?

What group spends a third of the GDP of the economy each year? What group writes the laws of exchange, compensation, corporate hostile takeovers, "bailouts", "subsidies", and creates the sinful, unfair, unequal, poisonous economy we find ourselves living our daily lives in - where our food is poisoned, where we pollute the air under the excuse that it will allow us to live, and where we tear at each other's throats, rob each other, kill each other, drug each other, and lie to each other, just to secure the shelter, clothes, water, and food we need to survive, and some luxuries the society dangled in front of us? Who created and actively prints the foundation of this system - money?

Ultimately, the government controls all of those things. And when all is said and done, and the excuses of "lobbyists", "special interests", "pork", "lobbies", and other control mechanisms fall flat - who is really making the decisions?

It's a self-evident hypothesis that these wars - one of the dominant "winds" in the old system - with their myriad faked and manufactured excuses for being declared, eminate from a tiny set of self-interested individuals - if not a single one. I've already written about the process of deduction used to determine who that is, and what answer that turns up, which is outside the scope of this post.

This control, clearly, is enforced by an army of armed thugs - police, military, secret police, Army, Marines, SWAT, Air Force, Divine Wind, Red Guard, whatever names they take on. It would give them too much credit to even capitalize the names of their groups. All of them are, simply, a bunch of people who, one way or another, have accepted the idea that it's inevitable for them to submit to, and become an agent of, this system of destruction.

What can possibly end such an intimidating system of control?

It doesn't take much imagination to see that the entire system is rendered obsolete by the idea of cooperation alone. Our society is a system crafted by our choices and actions. This system of fear and totalitarian control spreads like an infection on the earth - the destruction caused by the disease, and the size of the infection, is the grip the disease has on its host. It attempts to multiply and gradually weaken the defenses of its host organism. In the event that the host is weak enough, it overtakes them, and claims its host as a victim - otherwise, the immune system springs into effect, purges the infection, and returns the host to homeostasis.

But there's a fine metaphor here for how the cures of an infection carry over to the cure to totalitarianism.

What counteracts a bacterial infection? Not only antibiotics - standing for science - but fruits, grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds - standing for nature. (In truth, all of these plant foods exist in a sort of continuum, and there isn't really much of a sound distinction between fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains - but, that's just an interesting note.)

Our science has gathered evidence from the millennia of destruction caused by the system, as it's expanded our understanding of nature so that we understand how simply we can tend crops, avert crop failure, and rely solely on nature for our survival - with a astoundingly improved standard of living relative to the one we have now. Organic, sustainable farming has proven itself as the path forward for agriculture, but there's a palpable, overbearing conflict between the path of organic agriculture, and the path of earth-destroying, industrial, fertilizer-based, GMO agriculture. This conflict is perpetuated not by scientific dispute - science rests soundly with the organic farmers, whose practices have been proven through thousand of years of implementation - but by the vested interests in GMO agriculture, who seek to patent and become the sole profiteers of life itself.

It's nature that provides us with the cures to the diseases the society causes, creates, and even spreads myths about - where diseases are made up to sell fake cures. It is a rare disease that's actually incurable, or at least, not soundly treatable - cancers, immune system infections, and even diseases such as multiple sclerosis can all, in truth, be successfully managed or cured with natural treatments - which the rulers of our society have taken the liberty to marginalize, demonize, criminalize, and then synthetically manufacture, with patentable processes, so that they become the sole profiteers off of the gifts of nature.

Observe how the milk of the poppy - opium - is nature's painkiller. The opiates and other compounds therein exist in harmony with each other, to encourage highly moderate use of the plant - morphine, codeine, theibaine, papaverine, and all the other compounds of the plant. Overuse of these compounds, in their natural state, promotes disgust and the development of psychological aversion. But our society has criminalized this plant, and our society's largest "medicinal" companies buy its components from foreign countries, isolate its active compounds, sell some of them, and synthesize others into more addictive and harmful compounds - such as diacetylmorphine (heroin) and oxycodone (OxyContin). Notice also how our government has chosen to invade Afghanistan, home of the world's poppy production, and how opium and heroin trafficking from it has remained at a steady flow. That's not a hunt for Osama Bin Laden - that's a hostile takeover of the heroin trade. It seems pretty foolish to believe that they would invade Afghanistan and overthrow its government because they were in pursuit of a fugitive, doesn't it?

Observe how the cannabis plant - a natural entheogen, with mind-expanding properties, cancer curation properties, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-carcinogen dissolution properties - is criminalized, its users are ridiculed, and then the pharmaceutical industry patents the chemical processes to manufacture a fraction of its manifold active ingredients, and sells it off as an ineffective and overpriced drug - "Marinol". The federal government continues to spread decades-old, discredited lies about imagined harmful properties of the plant, such as of supposed "brain damage" they allege it causes, which they "proved" by suffocating monkeys with smoke in the Heath Study. The myth stopped being propagated by central official channels after it was discredited, but continues being spread at the lower levels - the center, official channels, such as the "White House ONDCP", have moved onto similar distortions about cannabis's association with depression or "schizophrenia" - I'm sure at least in part because people who have used it have often noticed what a joke they've turned our society into.

So, we see that they attempt to commoditize nature, and as a result, extinguish it, and turn its benefits into something much more useless, or dangerous, than what it originally provided. This is nature's self-evident proof that, as we attempt to manipulate it, and profit from it, and use what it provides to enslave each other and remove ourselves from suffering, our suffering simply increases, and we only harm ourselves, and everything else in the process. It is nature that provides us with the cures for the diseases this social system, with its boundless pollution, causes, and it is natural cures that, in the end, discredit the all-too-often gimmicky and pseudoscientific treatments of the pharmaceutical industry - which I can only best describe as treatments that, all too often, Try to cure a disease by utilizing side-effects of poisons, and compounding additional poisons onto the original, to treat the other side effects of the poisons.

It is a remarkable hypothesis, that nature provides us with the best cures - not after we isolate and/or synthesize compounds from it, but when we take directly from it - but this hypothesis holds up to scrutiny amazingly well. As best as I can figure, scientifically thinking, it has a single line of support - the theory of evolution, which establishes that we must have evolved to survive off of what nature provides. That any primarily man-made diseases, such as cancer, can be cured naturally, is certainly amazing - but we are, after all, a product of nature.

It is the case at times, such as with "chemotherapies", that a treatment may address the manifested symptoms of a disease, but worsen the environment that promoted the creation of the disease. Chemotherapy agents may choke off a cancer, but at the same time, induce genetic damage, or choke the body's ability to clean itself from oxidative free radicals. This phenomenon is at its most extreme when we observe our attempts to treat cancer with radiation - the entire point of radiation therapy is to damage DNA in order to kill cancer cells - but non-targeted DNA damage is exactly what causes cancer to begin with. [edit: bad example.]

It's subtle, indirectly toxic carcinogens, causing a small number of subtle changes in DNA, on a wide scale, that generally causes cells to become cancerous to begin with - when the level of DNA damage is so large that it becomes directly toxic to cells, it stands to reason that any cells not killed in this process, which had mutations triggered in their oncogenes specifically, would simply become cancerous themselves, especially in the environment of a body which already managed to have such high oncogene mutation rates to begin with - whether from air pollution or radiation exposure.

All this, while natural, but unprofitable, cures to cancer are prolific, even among scientifically unskilled practioners of medicine. Remission clearly depends profoundly on the body's chemical input and output. In essence, we have to basically do the opposite of that which is advertised to us - we cannot constantly eat corpses, stolen milk from animals, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, take random powdered drugs, eat refined sugars, juices, vinegars and salts, clog our toxin-expelling perspiration with antiperspirants (as opposed to deodorant - antiperspirants clog a huge outlet for the lymph filtration system, and are linked to neurodegeneration), and so forth. Natural, plant and fungi-based diets are extremely superior, and not only allow our body's natural healing mechanisms to function, but augment them, by cleansing our bodies and sometimes even directly counteracting diseases. Plant-contained medium-chain fatty acids can obliterate viruses in their path. Cannabinoids can choke blood supply to a cancer and cause cancer cells to self-destruct. Willow bark can treat inflammation. The list is seemingly endless, and much of this wisdom, to the distaste of Western scientists, rests in the hands of folk healers who have not been inducted into our modern - and, I should say, imperialist - conception of the scientific process.

In the case of cannabis - which, clearly, is among the most potent of all of the anticancer treatments, as it nearly overflows with powerful anti-carcinogenic cannabinoids - we literally uprooted the plant, abolished and burned even non-medicinal varieties of it, and went so far as to internationalize our insane "War on Drugs" to other countries, so that they might destroy their natural medicines, as well. I have trouble believing that this was not all the result of someone's intention. And high honor should seriously be paid to the people that, in the face of this insane onslaught, chose to continue cultivating these plants anyway - especially those who had begun to understand its effects. That our society looks down on the growers of this plant should have a source of shame to everyone.

Now, looping back to the main topic. Let's take the "nature" metaphor a different way, and apply it to the curation of the social - that is, the mass psychological - diseases in our society.

It is as if the universe itself conspires to destroy this entire system of oppression. Seeing as the entire system is constructed by people who don't understand its insanity, their own failure is guaranteed - it is an attempt to manufacture absolute control out of a system founded on incompetence. It is incompetent to believe you can control human beings. Even with the entire world covered with cameras, and an entire society turned into totalitarian enforcers, single glances of a rebellious thought would signal the time for an uprising. Why should we all suffer for the benefit of the few? Nobody believes that this is ideal. At most, we submit to it, because we believe a lie - that it's the only way. Even while it this system is in place, we can still live perfectly happy lives around it - better than we would live inside of it. So why should we even participate? When we don't participate, their guns fall apart from disuse, the electricity to their system stops flowing, and all their troops stop marching. Only our own stupidity makes the destruction continue - and the agents of destruction for this system suffer as much as anyone they victimize, as they rip all the meaning from their lives.

So the system tears at its own seams from the apathy, incompetence, and cynicism of its own members. Security protocols break down. Information leaks. Police stand down and even join mass protests. Everyone recognizes the deeply seeded feeling that the system is founded on insanity, and totally broken off from nature - the construct of life that we depend on - and thus, doomed to collapse and give rise to a social system - or, as you could describe it, a lack thereof, but simply individuals acting for common benefit - built solidly on the roots that nature provides for us.

So on a historical note - here's a really fine song, with a great sample, that I embed here because it serves as such a great example of somebody not allowing this insanity to change their course.

Set Fire to Flames - Wild Dogs Of The Thunderbolt/"They Cannot Lock Me Up... I Am Eternally Free..."

"Course I'm gonna get thrown in jail but that makes to me no difference. They can never lock me up again. I'm eternally free, whether I'm behind bars or outside it makes no difference to me at all. I'm just made to wait on the impossible mighty judge for his last coming, and then the suffering will be over from then. I'm made to suffer whether I'm inside or outside I'm always made to suffer. Because of all these people who, these children of darkness.

It is it's God the Devil that works works inside them to see if I won't ah... To see if I won't uh come come back an" beg them so I'd be under their uh... What you call u..under their control *chuckle* Under their sin-legalisation laws what they had made up their names an" borders an" rules an" laws an" books as holy, instead of exposing it as just a bunch of uh.. ...God-damned devil lies. So they don't want me to say it, just it's a bunch of goddamn devil lies, but it's God the Devil's army of lies."