it should go without saying that our society has become a machine designed for the benefit of its designers - and sadly, it was designed by a small group of corporate/governments masters, not the public.  if you're reading this blog, i hope you already know that.

the machine has its sub-units, all designed for a certain function - 'government' for management of the system's rules and big movements of money, it has its corporate and governmental reource management, corporations for consolidation of capital into a smaller number of hands, and news/PR agencies to make sure the public believes in the system, and its figureheads.

as anyone who's lifted a finger to research government/corporate collusion groups - such as the Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, and Bilderberg Group - already knows, it's easily shown that there is a revolving door and extremely strong evidence of collusion between governments and corporate executives and shareholders.  

the rules are written by the people who benefit most from the rules.  that is FACT, F-A-C-T, and if you don't like it, go read about those organizations until you get a handle on what's going on.  enough time has been wasted because people are too lazy/scared/gullible to notice something is fishy about the Neverending Battle Againt Osama Bin Laden.

thankfully, a lot of us don't want to be a part of that system, as made clear by worldwide protests and solidarity movements of the past few years.  it is clear that living our lives while supporting these organizations makes us complicit, and many of us do not want to live our lives in a way that supports 'ecocide', i.e., self-destruction of the planet.  

so, while society runs on the gears of money and 'law' that our rulers have designed for it - how do we, as individuals, jam the function of the machine?

the first step is pretty relevant this week:


don't keep pushing the illusion that the public supports the functions of government, just because they've frightened you into their extortion racket!

every single one of us knows something is horribly wrong with these people, even if we've been foolish enough to let them tell us that some of them are heroes.  i don't care if you're an Obama supporter or Marc Rubio supporter.  look past their stupid speeches and PR events, to what they actually do in their jobs, and notice how they keep funneling our money to evil wars and mass murders.  

none of them are heroes.  not to sound religious, but these people are laughing demons - complete jackals.  they will tell any lie and put on any face to get what they want.  it's a monstrous form of psychopathy that is WAY too effective, and needs to be rendered obsolete as soon as humanly possible.

what will you say to your children, if they ask you if you kept handing over your money, after the world woke up and realized the crimes that were being done with it?  that you were too afraid to stop?  that you had no choice, because they would levy your bank account and seize your assets?

will they close all of our bank accounts?  will they take all of our houses?  will the police do it for them?  when push comes to shove, who should the 'lawkeepers' stand behind - the public, or the people trying to manipulate the 'law' to rob the public?    what are the police and ruling class going to do, kick us out of our houses and live in 30 houses each?  

the police have something to learn from the unions they've spent so many years cracking down on - that they should show some backbone, and stand up against the bosses who would sell them down the river at the first opportunity.  

some of the police and military - the 'Oathkeepers' - have already learned this lesson.  being made into an attack dog for a rich man is maybe the most demeaning thing that can happen to you.  helping the rulers of our society to keep collecting their blood money is a crime, and wrong on every single count.  it's better to be an honorable janitor than it is to be the richest politician.

taxation must stop.  blow the wheels off of the 'government'.  they can print money, and they can borrow money, but not without proving that they've run a huge deficit because the population is no longer willing to comply with their crimes.

will eligible people still pay taxes this year?  yes - maybe 10% of them, maybe 98% of them.  so-called 'Americans', despite what they tell themselves, are usually complete cowards.  but the fewer, the better.  this kind of organized evil of 'taxation' will never go away if we don't stand up to it.

and i think a little less of everyone who doesn't. there are enough defenses, even if you're scared of reprisal.  put your money in a country that won't expatriate it to the U.S..  defend yourself in court and question the idea that it's 'legal' for the government to simply write a law that says it can rob the public.  in a jury trial, convince them to do the right thing.  you have a constitutional guarantee that you won't be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.  

personally, i've spent at least a hundred hours by now researching legal defenses against organized extortion under color of law.  grab the people threatening you by the balls - get their bond numbers and names, and get their licenses pulled for any misrepresentations or lies.  you are NOT the one doing something wrong if you refuse to pay taxes, and don't let them - the people threatening you to pay them - claim that you are.


reject the idea that forceful theft of an entire population is a necessary, or morally justifiable, way to raise money for social good.vil will never   

how can you look someone in the eye, as you rob them, and tell them that you're spending the money for their own good?  don't they know what their good is more than you do?  

in this scenario, assume that 'you' are the governments that have spent half of the last century designing machines that can obliterate all life on the planet, for no reason but to intimidate.  are 'you', this purveyor of death and evil, really more rational than the people who want to spend their money on houses and food for themselves and their children?

a public service is done out of acknowledgment of the importance of the public good - not for money.  let's feed and shelter people who would build roads, sustainable power, water pipes, or any other important things - let's just feed and shelter everyone.  

why not simply do things for honorable reasons?   it seems to only be when people dream of a life of laziness and unimaginable wealth that they resort to evil.  how is it sane to expect this not to happen when we simply allow pieces of paper to decide what we do, and who we do it for?

we have totally forgotten the meaning of 'society'.  instead of doing things for each other, we claw at each other's throats to line our pockets, and then expect people in 'government', who are all doing the exact same thing, to pick up our slack.  is it any surprise that homeless people are lining the streets?   our society is the shame of humanity.


it is better to do anything for free than to do it in a way that involves money.   

as long as people are willing to do things for money, then he who controls the supply of money controls those people.   that is unacceptable.

look around you.  everything is shaped the way it is because we've done all this evil for money.  we kick people out of their houses for money, we start wars for money, we hide our true selves for money, we destroy art and culture for money, we break apart families for money, and we kill innocent beings for money.  

we all supposedly use money because it's supposed to guide us to do things for the right reasons.  it's supposed to be that we're so afraid of not having money, that we must work to get money, and that to get money, we must do right by each other, because the 'free market' and 'government' will supposedly keep us in line.

but it isn't working!  our air is filled with pollution, our food is poison, and our politicians stink of corruption.  we've abandoned all of our personal responsibility, and allowed our souls to rot.  we lost sight of what we were supposed to be working for in the first place.

having to use money to buy things makes us desperate for money.  it's an evil, horrible cycle, and it keeps us afraid enough to SELL OUT for a living.  it may not be the root of all evil, but it's pretty damn close.  if everyone did a little less for money, and a little more for charity, year after year, what kind of society would we end up with?

barter with each other.  give to each other.  anything is better than this 'Ruling Class Voucher System' we call 'money'.


it's an oxymoron, really - 'evil authority'.  you're not an authority on anything if you're evil.  you don't even understand yourself, yet alone, anyone else.

people who see themselves as powerful, or fearsome, or intimidating, deserve to be mocked and ridiculed until they learn the humility and kindness that everyone else practices on a daily basis.  it doesn't matter what uniform you wear, or what title it says on your desk.  you're just a hairy, stupid animal, with a huge ball of rage and egotism buiding up in your mind.


you're an animal.  DEAL WITH IT!  stop scheming and learn what it means to be a grown-up who doesn't go around snarling at everyone and fucking people over to get ahead.  go out and do something good.  you'll feel better about your life.


it was not, despite what the Bible says, put here for humans to ruin.  nature is our support system.  we are causing mass deforestation, 'dead zones' of life, and yearly lists of species to go extinct, simply because we can't live within our means and respect our surroundings.  if things keep going the way they are now, this will be the end of life on the planet.  

it doesn't stop at littering, nor does it stop at being a vegetarian or vegan (animal slaughtering business is most of the reason we're cutting down so much land), or using a hybrid car.  there is a fundamental problem with how we're exploiting nature.  automobiles are problematic enough on their own, with all the habitat disruption and noise that comes with their use, but oil-fueled automobiles are just too much to take.  oil harvesting and oil combustion are destroying our environment, and doing everything from giving us cancer to causing mass slaughters of ocean life.  

we don't need to be driving to work.  we don't need to be driving to the grocery store.  we don't need groceries shipped from third world countries to our grocery stores.  all of these things are problems only because we've tried to separate everything in our economy between 'producers' and 'consumers'.  agriculture is a local problem, not a national problem, and right now it' being overtaken by corporate giants who are resorting to using trucks to ship produce across the country.  this is complete insanity - food grows everywhere, even when we're not trying to grow it.  we're having such a hard time getting to it because we keep burning down its natural habitats and paving them over with concrete.  

nature is NOT there to be exploited by humans, and our belief that it is, at the rate things are going, will destroy all of us.  nature provides, but it's not a tool to be used by humans to provide for humans.  plants grow naturally, and we're supposed to have to go to the effort to pick them.  otherwise, the whole system breaks down.  trying to sow crops and harvest them throws ecosystems out of whack and causes soil erosion, pollution, water aquifer depletion, and the crop yields are so shitty that we're now being tricked into using "RoundUp" and GMO crops.   there are organic techniques that help us integrate desired crops into nature:


which, thank god, we're starting to build in cities:


but we need to be using techniques like these NOW, for ALL of our food.  failing to do that puts us in one of biology's stupidest positions - the parasite that kills its host.

credit to "KomeOne"