Obomber deports record number of immigrants.

but, according to his fans, he is pro-open borders (which would be a VERY GOOD THING, if he actually was), because of the "DREAM Act":


why would the guy in charge of the group that profits from maintaining the very idea of 'borders' possibly want to allow free travel - a human right - unless he was a good person?  well, judging by the "record numbers of deportations", that isn't playing out.

he claims extreme authority to be able to detain people without even saying why, bomb people, impose requirements to purchase products onto people - but while his authorities, in his Constitutional scholarly views about how "the law" works - include violating people's human rights on his say-so alone, they apparently don't include stopping the violation of human rights he controls the funding for.

and that was included in every budget bill he failed to veto, along with all the other military funding, corporate giveaways, FBI funding to make up completely fake terror plots, and other horrible, evil functions of the 'federal government.' every one of those budget bills includes "ICE" - "Immigrations and Customs Enforcement" - funding, which, thank god, is one more agency that's part of the Orwellian "Department of Homeland Security."

so, in case anyone SERIOUSLY didn't realize it yet, yes, the whole "Hope Change" thing was a complete lie, and he's just another figurehead for the exact totalitarian group as Bush.