this is MY site, and MY blog -  i can post whatever i want!  what a refreshing feeling.

i am a full vegan, after 10 years of wishy-washiness and confusion.

people who don't understand the pain we humans impose on animals - or just mock or laugh about it - are among the most blinded people there are.    these are the people who are so often unable to apply those same concerns to human beings, because they've never properly been taught empathy.  

propaganda campaigns from the producers of meat have neglected to mention that the animals they raise for slaughter and consumption are raised in warehouses, while they experience consciousness much on par with our own, meaning that they essentially spend their entire lives in filthy, diseased concentration camps, painfully aware of every moment of suffering and the deep sense that there is something profoundly alien and unnatural about what they're being subjected to - that there's something they're being denied.  at least one element of what they're being denied is immediately obvious to them - the ability to MOVE.  imagine being unable to turn around for your entire life!  it's unthinkable - beyond horrible.  try that for 20 minutes to see how much fun it is.

all too often, the excruciating, blinding, infinite suffering of animals is simply dismissed in a hasty rationalization for personal enjoyment - and not even something permanent, but a fleeting instant of enjoyment that, when accumulated, leads to dramatic personal suffering for the meat consumer.  

in fact, this is the nature of all greed that leads to domination - a hasty, greedy decision, at the expense of others, very rarely has all of its consequences understood.  

and as for the suffering of the animals?

really, in general, one of the worst curses in life is having to live your life within boundaries set by others, as opposed to boundaries set by nature and good sense - whether you're a human or animal (as if there's a difference between the two).  the tighter the boundaries, the worse the experience - but in all of the cases, you are denied the ability to live life on your own terms, and are subject to the whims of somebody else - in essence, denied control over your own life.  a 'no spitting' regulation in a high school is a light example of this, but in the context of a slaughterhouse, the exercise of control grows extremely more dramatic, and extremely less rational.  animals will be routinely abused for simple refusal to obey their future slaughterers, or often, for no reason at all but cruelty.  the animal perceiving this cannot read any sense into it - their entire life becomes a series of events of uncontrollable, nonsensical suffering.

it is not even as though the meat/dairy/etc. producers have sought to ensure that the animals remain healthy through this hell they're subjected to - their concern is strictly monetary, and applies only to what the market perceives of the quality of their meat.  meat from these places is cooked, not eaten raw, and predictably, little evidence of the diseased state of the animal it was taken from remains past its cooking.   active infections and rotting of the meat, which certainly have taken hold at some point during the life of the animal, and its slaughter and transport, are simply heated until they are no longer in an active state, leaving behind only burnt chemical traces of the infestation, and the decreased nutrition and likely chemical contamination of the meat (hormones, ammonia, etc.) - on top of the already poor nutrition that meat offers.  for the small portion of the market that raises 'humane' meat - as if it is humane to cut a living being down in the prime of its life - the living conditions, besides the early death, are marginally better - at least resembling the quality of life they would experience in the wild, with the attacks by natural predators being replaced by scheduled, systematic attacks on their friends and family by slaughterhouse workers.

recognizing these facts, i finally woke up all the way, and saw meat consumption and dairy consumption not as delicious things we can enjoy, not as nutritional necessities that we are forced to eat, not as a God-given gift to men in the form of meat-giving animals that cry out in pain because Satan is trying to trick us, or whatever it is that meat-eating 'Christians' believe nowadays - i saw meat consumption as a form of psychological infancy, where we try to satisfy our inner desperation and sadness (what is left when we fail to recognize the souls contained within living beings) by consuming the lives of innocent animals who would MUCH rather be alive, and i saw dairy consumption as another form of infancy -  a failure to ever wean from natural HUMAN milk, which leads somebody to  pay an industry to literally pry baby cows away from their mothers and steal the milk they would have consumed.  

and the nutritional arguments?  i can say after looking into all of them - there isn't a valid nutritional argument in favor of eating meat.  'protein' is the most usual claim - "where do you get your protein?" - but in reality, vegetables offer enough protein, without supplementation, to meat recommended dietary guidelines (between 5-10% of caloric intake).  the same can be said of fruit.   

the usual suspect nutrients - iron, potassium, calcium, etc. - these are highly present in a vegan diet.  it barely even deserves mention, it's so well established.  seeds, fruits, and greens in particular are extremely nutritious in all of these.    it seems to be the case that salad dressing helps in their digestions, because those nutrients aren't particularly fat-soluble - plus, it does make it tastier.

vitamin B12 is the only one people even seem to have any trouble with.  it is said that we must get it from eating meat, or we won't get it at all (then where did the herbivores get it?).  the natural sources seem unusual to us - nutritional yeast, seaweed, or bacteria living on dirt, to name a few.  cows eat dirt all the time, enough to promote growth of B12-producing bacteria in their gut, but as humans, we prefer to eat a little less dirt.  we are very lucky to even have that luxury of running water, that lets us eat so cleanly.  so what should we do?

drink some vitamin B12-fortified vegetable milks - soy milk, hemp milk (my favorite), rice milk, almond milk (also a favorite).  they supply you with necessary proteins, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, without subjecting you to the hormonal drugging, antibiotic residues, and toxic dairy proteins and fats present in animal milk.

they say that veganism - with its 10-20 year improvements in life expectency, its huge drop in cancer rates, obesity rates, and heart disease rates - is unnatural because we like to get vitamin B12-fortified vegetable milks instead of of eating dirt or animal corpses! sometimes it's hard to believe how stupid people willingly make themselves just to rationalize something they think they want to do.    and i say they "think" they want to do it, because they really don't understand what they're committing themselves to.  its like signing a contract with a landlord that says he can decide the rent whenever he wants - you didn't really agree to what was going to happen, because you didn't know.  you just made a guess.  people who engage in the consumption of animal products exist in a sort of undefined state of confusion, where they watch everyone around them, gluttonously consuming animal babies' milk and animal flesh, developing terminal diseases and growing obese, but misattribute the problem to simply 'sedentary lifestyles' or 'too high standard of living'.

the misery of modern society and the belief that it's OK and/or required to eat animals - that's where the gluttony of meat consumption comes from.  to be vegan is to reject the practice of causing suffering for our fellow creatures on this planet, and to reject the excruciating damage it causes to our health.  living your life really healthily, and in harmony with your surroundings, requires a vegan lifestyle.

horses and cats love each other, and they're probably the funniest  pair of animals you can find being friends.   look at that picture - it's not funny to joke about eating them.  we can't even stomach the idea of it.  cats are naturally carnivores, and both horses and cats are practically all muscle.  the further we go on the "food chain" away from a plant-based diet, the more disgusting the 'food' gets.