Sattar Beheshti (Persian: ستار بهشتی‎) was an Iranian blogger who died in early November 2012 several days after being arrested by the Iranian Cyber Police unit for criticizing the government of the Islamic Republic on Facebook,[1] and after making a signed complaint of being tortured while in custody. His reported death has drawn international condemnation and led to the dismissal of the commander of Iran's cybercrimes police unit.[2]

Sattar Beheshti was born in 1977 and lived in Robat Karim, 27 km southwest of Tehran.[3][4] According to Hamid Dabashi he was "a labourer from a working class family".[5]Opposition websites report that he had been detained in 1999 after student protests at Tehran University.[6]

His website "My Life for My Iran" at magalh91.blogspot.de[7][8] was not a major blog, and had fewer than 30 viewers in October.[6] But although he "was regarded as a relatively minor figure" among Iran’s bloggers, according to the New York Times, Beheshti's death "has provoked outrage among both opponents and supporters of Iran’s leaders".[7]

On October 22, 2012, Beheshti posted a criticism of the Islamic Republic on his blog addressed to the Supreme Leader. Beheshti stated that the judicial system of the Islamic Republic was "nothing but a slaughterhouse," and that "the sentences and ... The executions carried out ... Were not out of a desire for justice – but were aimed at terrorizing the people! So that no one will complain!"[3]

In a blog post a day before his arrest, Beheshti wrote: "They threatened me yesterday and said, "Your mother will soon wear black because you don't shut your big mouth"".[4]

Works the same way everywhere...

top throws [?] in prison cells
toking L's, living in hell
while i'm trying to build bridges
hieroglyphics, speaking through pictures
metaphors in cyberspace wars and glitches
speaking statistics
demons I live with
dirty snitches
CCTV cameras zooming in on my business

no I don't seek forgiveness for not believing in religion
knowledge is power you should've listened
i study wisdom, ancient scriptures
my soul glistens as the light hits it
there in the distance, an angel bearing my infant
in the midst of apocalypse
while [?] brothers blaze hollow tips
look at where we live
pharoahs and slavery ships to cold grams
shutting white for a profit
filled up with narcotics, the lunatics,
cause this life's hard, stay down and stay on your guard

war torn streets we live in
money, power, death, religion
gotta break free from the system
back to the essence from once I came

war torn streets we live in
money, power, death, religion
gotta break free from the system
back to the essence from once I came

front line and gunfire
so dire, lost lives, town criers
armies with big guns and barbed wire
top secrets uncovered by code writers

if we stand as one, the beast can't fight us
protesters flashlighters aim higher
politicual force hope they're all liars
rage riots, you love me, I don't buy it

you know who I am, i'm an angel with elohims
got me fiending for cream got me running for a triple beam
you want me to bleed, gun smoke and no hope
many choke on crack pipes and take dope
can't cope, death row is so cold

you hate me, we both know the chokehold
goes deeper than lost lives and egoes

if the chains are broke why do we search for an antidote

war torn streets we live in
money, power, death, religion
gotta break free from the system
back to the essence from once I came

war torn streets we live in
money, power, death, religion
gotta break free from the system
back to the essence from once I came

so the [?] write time and kept sacred
divine leaders were born to rule over nations
architectural scientists and young masons
carved knowledge and life the stones were engraved in
elohim who watched over the plantation
meditating on scrolls that's now seen as ancient
studied wisdom, pushed limits, dawn breaking, spiritual awaken

i stand adjacent to the seven doors, still waiting
i stand firm in the typhoon, this world's crazy
chosen few, failed mission, crack babies
back to the essence, ambidextrous, life lessons, life's testing but you can't save me

many elements, like the light in the glass prism my journey on the inside, deep thinking
reminiscing, my teachers, tamaraid [?], the forgotten wars, the all-seeing divine beings

war torn streets we live in
money, power, death, religion
gotta break free from the system
back to the essence from once I came

Great CD if you can get your hands on it, Byla - Byla [2005]

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"Organic foods, natural oils
They're messin" with your mind
Keeping us in denial
Making us accept genetically modified products
As being normal. We need to call
This new breed of trash polluting our stores
Genetically modified

Some time in tha future
When this cut’ll be real
When U can’t conceal
A reaction to tha realization
You’ve been subject to manipulation
Attributed to dilapidation
Political corruption, legal interruption
‘nd fail to examine all options
Who U buyin’ from
Giving your money
Where’s your food from
Why it taste funny
Genetically engineered fruits
Kinetically revered
Edible mutants aren’t feared
Ingested, digested
No immediate effects
No noticeable rejects
Yet - unnatural, it’s factual
But actual results are unknown
Of what we seek to bring home
Which I presently condone.

Genetic Hazards (x4)

Perish disgust,
View nature’s imperfections as just
Stabilizing - so unnecessary is lust
For greed to breed
Plants ‘nd animals
Scale’s phenomenal, science irrational.
My clone’s suicidal, bridal
Is yours in denial ? Less viral
Mo’ productive ‘nd always so destructive
On situation’s previously conquered
On relations previously honored
Break-through’s twisted
When billion dollars visited
Trial-lawyers quizzed wit’
Unsubstantiated claims
300 million to gain
Filled witness stands wit’ brains.
"Cloning will homogenise us, turn us into robots"

Genetic Hazards (x4)

Illusion of no reaction
Brings much attraction
But when male dairy workers grow breasts
Progress must arrest
Hormone injected cows’ exposure
Dangers found no closure.
Distorting the balance mass producing
Trace chemicals as cures
Lab screening obscures
Successful mice testing
Human systems rejecting
Drug recall
Off tha shelves y’all
If you’re still alive dial
If U still have fingers press 1
To order prosthetic limbs stay on tha line
All other callers please give our
Apologies to tha Divine.

"When you buy food, check the labels - find out what
you are outting into your bodies. Don't buy genetically modified food."

"This is dedicated to fools blowing up KFC, MacDonalds,
Jack in the Crizzle, Burger King eating up those genetic hazards."

April fools

The national debt: official "fuck you" since year unknown, B.C..