from http://www.all-creatures.org/blog/early-muslim-vegetarian/:

Rabi’a al Adawiyya was born in 717 AD in Basra, in what is now known as Iraq. During childhood, her parents died, and she was sold into slavery. Rabi’a was a Sufi, a member of a mystical sect that preaches total love of God and total union with Him. After her release from slavery, she went to the desert for prayer and meditation.
She returned to Basra, leading a life of voluntary poverty and simplicity. She refused gifts of money and riches as well as many offers of marriage. Her life was marked by acts of kindness towards humans and animals alike. When she was in the mountains, the animals gathered around her: deer, gazelles, mountain goats and wild donkeys. In her presence, they were trusting and fearless.
Once, when another Sufi teacher, Hasan-al-Basri approached her, the animals ran away. He asked her why the animals gathered around her, but ran from him. Rabi’a responded by asking him what he had eaten. “Onions fried in fat,” he replied. “You eat their fat!” exclaimed Rabi’a. “Why should they not flee from you?”

this story is more likely than a lot of people would think... i have a lot of animal experiences like this myself.

(not my photo)

knowledge of the personalities of animals is seriously disruptive to the hegemony of mankind over nature, and that's a good thing.  even though our popular culture is full of pictures of lovable animals like Bambi, the idea of animals as irrationally cruel and dangerous still seems to be the dominant meme.   how does that happen?  i'm sure it has a lot to do with the European roots of our culture, although we have our own 'hunter of the beasts' mythology in the States...

honestly, even mountain lions aren't that scary.  bears are pretty calm too, if you keep your distance and they know you're coming.   snakes...crocodiles...now those can be pretty dangerous...

eating peas is one of the great joys of life.  stupidly, we boil our peas, taking out all the chlorophyll, half the nutrients...the peas that belong in our mouths come right from here:

soybeans - consumed closest to raw as 'edamame' - are visually, and thus likely genetically, some of the closest relatives of peas.  they're all legumes.  

and for reference, the most delicious raw peas are the smaller ones.  the big ones are tougher and less flavorful.

eat from nature++

i haven't actually read the books, but so far daenerys and the starks are the only characters i'm rooting for in Game of Thrones:

thank god for when real stories find their way onto television...

dunno about this yet but i like what i see

truth or dairy (3 parts) - this is an old one:

i mostly like the roots rasta looking guy...

change your food, change your life" (worth the download):


first of 9 parts on youtube for it: