hard to find fault with Martin Luther King Jr.:

likes animals, peace, equality, calls the government evil - not bad

all the old people weren't kidding - television rots your brain...

kompressor - destroy mass media

and here's my favorite video from FOX News:

Rome's burning, all Geraldo the principled reporter can talk about is skimpy outfits and gay sex in restrooms.  

i  stopped buying TV when i lost interest in whatever the sick fucks who own the 6 major network companies wanted to shove down our throats that week.  Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, or trash journalism like Bill O'Reilly on FOX, or Baron Lawrence O'Donnell Dracula the Third on MSNBC - i'm all about universal love and forgiveness and the like, but these people probably belong in a dungeon.

speaking of Lawrence O'Donnell - who i wouldn't even trust to borrow a pencil from me:

going back and listening through mogwai discography again:

nice cd


if you can do this to a remix of an usher song, you can do it to anything

i read Maddox when i was a kid:

For every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat three.

i thought it was really funny at the time, maybe a year or two before i was a vegetarian myself.  "that is so funny!  he thinks their suffering is meaningless, and just look at the cardboard, lifeless pictures of animals he photoshopped into a cooking pan."  i guess he was planning to eat them, hair, feathers, beaks and all...

it's easy to mock vegans and vegetarians for refusing to eat animals because they're cute.   but of course it's not that simple.

 they aren't cartoons.  they don't go around making cute noises because it amuses us.  we only find the noises cute because we share in their happiness, and sympathize with it, and enjoy the knowledge of their life without feeling threatened by it, as we might with a lion or a wolf - although we are more than capable of feeling the same way towards lions and wolves that we aren't afraid of, like ones we have grown up with.  there're enough videos of people playing with lions and wolves on youtube to prove that.  they accept us as family when they're raised that way.

but the noises they make from displeasure, and pain, are, like the noises we make from the same - expressive of deep suffering, and agonizing to hear.   it's not only that vegans have chosen to align themselves with happiness and light and so forth - it's also that we have rejected the corruption, blackness, sickness, and moral deadness that comes with the practice of carnivorism.   

so, something like 10 years after reading that Maddox article for the first time, i see it fully for what it is - a patronizing, arrogant, and stupid rationalization of his own sick beliefs.  

it is easy to be patronizing when you are wrong, and somebody that doesn't understand that you're wrong may take your arrogance as a sign that you're right.  that's why it's such a shame that so many people have read that - that he's commoditized the message into a t-shirt, that gluttonous Americans can wear around to brag to others about how they're destroying their own bodies, destroying their hearts, shortening their lives, and so on, just to enjoy a taste that, when you really get down to it, is only satisfying so long as we can ignore the gritty deadness of consuming flesh.  when you get down to it, the 'satisfaction' that comes with it is a sort of full-stomached, sludgy, weary feeling, that leaves you tired for the rest of the day - tired all the time, really.  

this morning, for contrast's sake?  i took an avocado - an organic one - cut it in half, ate the smaller half right out of the avocado, and then spread the bigger half of one of two slices of whole wheat bread.  i put about 10 halved cherry tomatoes on top of it, and then put two Tofurkey 'fake turkey' slices, with "Vegannaise" spread on top of them, on the other half - and then finally, i put a bunch of salad mix dark greens in between them - from Earthbound farms, or whatever.  not my top choices for greens, but i took what i could this week.

and how was it?  a meat eater would reel at what i just described - it would make them think that they'd walk away hungry and unsatisfied.  but now that i've adapted back to something close to my natural diet, i see it completely differently.  the sandwich was bursting with life and vitalizing.  it was fit for Scooby Doo, like one of those giant hoagies they used to eat in that cartoon.  the avocado and Vegannaise gives it the really satisfying feeling somebody might try to replace with meat, along with the nice, slightly salty 'Tofurkey' slice - while the tomato and greens just absolutely bring it to life.  fresh, raw tomatoes - unlike the cooked tomato sauce Americans like to use on lasagna, pizza, ziti, etc. - have an amazing vitality that makes them a total pleasure to eat, and cherry tomatoes are the most like that - as if all the spark of the bigger tomatoes has been compacted into a smaller tomato.  i suspect  that cherry tomatoes are the more natural variant, but i'd have to look into that.   either way - a total departure from meat, and superior in really every way.   the amazing thing about vegan 'meat substitutes' is that they keep the satisfying elements of meat, and leave behind the sludgy, draining, constipating, exhausting, etc., animal fats and proteins.

so anyway - Maddox probably made, i don't know, a few hundred thousand dollars off of that.  

"I can't eat meat." The four worst words to hear when you're going to a restuarant with someone. I literally cringe every time I hear those words because I know it means that we have to drive around the city for 2 hours looking for some restuarant that serves "friendly" burgers, which ironically look and taste exactly like hamburgers--which vegetarians object to eating because it's either A) gross or B) murder. If it's so gross, then why go out of your way to eat something exactly like it, asshole? It's funny how vegetarians suddenly stop bitching about murder as soon as you point out their fancy leather belt or shoes, or that they drive a car and use electricity which contributes to polluting the earth and contaminating everything including the precious animals that they refuse to eat.

this is really pretty brilliant, isn't it?  he chose to be friends with the vegetarian, ignored their warnings about what he was doing to himself, and ignored their warnings about the suffering he was causing.  he complains about "veggie burgers", which were designed to appeal to help people like him, who, should they become vegetarians, would have to try to get over their psychological conditioning for the consumption of meat, that's taught them to rely on it as a dietary staple.  he points out some imagined moral contradiction in vegetarians who wear leather belts and shoes (i've met a lot of vegetarians, but none of those...).  he thinks electricity and automobile use make it so that, since they are causing some kind of indirect harm in their lives, it becomes pointless to try to stop some other kind of harm they're causing.  as if vegetarians are the people we should be blaming for the corruption  and corporate domination that makes us so reliant on oil and gas, as opposed to the other easily accessible energy sources.  we aren't the ones who made everything go down to 'dollars and cents', and pocketed all the profits from gas taxes and gas price hikes, and invaded Iraq to secure a nice cheap oil supply, spilling oil all over the earth, just to support the economy that says we have to drive to our job raising corn and grain for cattle, and then drive to our second job feeding that corn and grain to them and then slaughtering them to eat their flesh - all while people around the world starve because they can't even afford food.  we're importing food in this country from all over the world, while people there starve!  of course it's the fault of vegans & vegetarians, the people who consume the least resources to eat, that we're destroying nature to satisfy our appetites.

and to top it all off, he hasn't even looked at the menu of an average restaurant.  besides Joe's Steakhouse in Slaughterhouse, Indiana, just about every restaurant has vegetarian and even vegan options on the menu, especially if you just ask them to hold the non-vegan parts.  the better restaurants are the ones that already have that sensibility, in spite of what somebody, who's been trained to recognize French slaughter-and-sear cooking as the pinnacle of deliciousness, might think.  a good chef - and especially, a compassionate chef - knows that plant and fungi products are the basis of good, truly satisfying, healthy food.  

food satisfaction, in spite of what a lot of people think, is half how satisfied you are with your condition, your physique, your vitality, your senses - and half how satisfied you are from eating a meal.  maybe 1/3 and 2/3, respectively - more than the 5% and 95% people wish it was.  learning to understand and respect that balance is vital to maintaining balance in your life, without which you are guaranteed to live less happily, and for a shorter amount of time.

what is it with this society, that every idiot who can stand on top of a soap box thinks that everybody needs to hear every thought he's having?  people have limited patience, you shouldn't waste their time filling their heads with garbage.  the biggest shame is that so many people read his words and were influenced by them.

these people are our role models?  when it's down to Maddox and Glenn Beck, it's no wonder everyone's a blowhard asshole.